Electrode Pads for ECG EKG Heart Monitor, 10 pcs

Electrode Pads for ECG EKG Heart Monitor, 10 pcs
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This electrode replacement pads can be used for ECG machine and patient monitor. Replacing the old healthy pads will make you more healthy and more effective. The electrode pads incorporate a moistened pad to make good contact with the patient's skin, which with the cloth backing sticker to give patients the maximum ventilation and minimum skin allergy. The pads are ideal for people who find using their palm/skin for ECG measurements difficult (palms are too dry), when the signals emitted by the user are too weak or the patient cannot hold the machine steady. They are for use with ECG machine which has 3 lead electrodes cable. We suggest that replace electrode pads with a new one if they are not good, because the new one will make your health better and better. Study results show that 1 out of 4 reusable EEG electrodes are contaminated with bacteria.

To eliminate the potential risk of cross-contamination, single-use EEG electrodes are recommended.


  • Packed in a sealed foil envelope to avoid unnecessary contamination
  • Convenient, comfort, no allergic, no remainder, self adhesive
  • Non-dry up electric conduction gel can be stored for a long time
  • Superior electrical performance with distinctive ECG presentations
  • Muscles can restore to normal state from quivering very soon
  • Easy to clean and remove from skin without any residue after use
  • Harmless to human body, ideal for sensitive skin