Facelake FL20 / MD100B Handheld ECG Monitor

Facelake FL20 / MD100B Handheld ECG Monitor
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Facelake FL20 / MD100B Handheld ECG Monitor

Handheld ECG Monitor FL20 is specially designed for personal use to track heart activity at home, at work or on a trip in case of cardiac situation that needs immediate EKG recording and evaluation.

It records heart beats & up to a 30 secondsí single-channel EKG, and allows you to share the report with your doctor for further review. Also, the immediate result will be displayed on the screen within one minute, giving you peace of mind.

    Perfect companion for anyone with:
  • The needs to monitor or capture their cardiac condition whenever it occurred
  • Chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, chest pain, palpitations, myocarditis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyspnea, etc.
  • Family history of cardiac diseases or people who are concerned about their heart health

The stored heart data records can be used as a reference for clinical ECG examination. Know your heart; know your health.


Data and ECG strips storage
HR: 10 days heart rates data storage
ECG Strips: 24 hours Measurement results storage