FL310 Pulse Oximeter with Vibration Alarm for iOS and Android

FL310 Pulse Oximeter with Vibration Alarm for iOS and Android
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FL310 Pulse Oximeter with Vibration Alarm

Wearable Pulse Oximeter: The soft ring sensor comfortably fits on any finger. The FL310 doesn't provide readings during sports activities. Continuous Monitoring for Oxygen Level & Heart Rate: Continuous monitoring and recording blood oxygen level, heart rate, and motion. Continuous use for up to 16 hours. Free APP for Android and iOS: The free app shows a graphic trend report of blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and motion. Data analysis can help the user avoid unhealthy conditions and improve their lifestyle.

Smart Vibration Alarm for Low Blood Oxygen Levels: the FL310 can detect changes in O2 levels and activate vibration when blood oxygen levels lower than the threshold range are detected, preventing a low-oxygen status. FL310 cannot be used for sleep breathing problems.

Package includes: FL310 Pulse Oximeter, USB cable, User guide, 1 year worry-free warranty, and our friendly customer service.

This FL310 Pulse Oximeter is much easier to use than a conventional fingertip oxygen monitor when exercising. Only a 10-second rest is needed for a measurement when hiking/walking/exercising. If oxygen levels are not within their normal range, it is recommended to either rest for a few minutes or continue moving until oxygen levels are normal.

Smart Vibration and Ring Sensor

The smart-sensor will send a notification alert if your blood oxygen level drops below the threshold range preset on the app (adjustable vibration threshold 80%-95%).

Patented Ring Sensor

The FL310 was designed for comfort and continuous use. The patented ring sensor allows you to wear your device wherever you are, and it will never fall off from your fingers, even while walking.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Report

Graphics for the FL310 show O2 saturation & Heart Rate trends that are useful for personal health tracking. The report cannot show oxygen changes under a few seconds in length and does not support analysis for sleep breathing problems.

Continuous Monitoring for Oxygen level & Heart Rate

Continuous monitoring and recording blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and motion. The high-efficiency Li-ion battery lasts for up to 16 hours of continuous recording.