FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification

FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification
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FL340 Pulse Oximeter with APP & PC Software, Vibration Notification

The FL340 Pulse Oximeter is one of the smallest ring pulse oximeters on the market capable of overnight-continuous monitoring for blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This oxygen monitor uses the same transmissive oximetry technology trusted by hospitals and health clinics. The FL340 fits most finger shapes and sizes. The device requires 2 hours of charging via the USB charging port for a full charge that provides up to 14 hours of usage. The battery lasts through the night for overnight-continuous monitoring.

Blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and body movements are automatically measured in one-second intervals when wearing the monitor. The FL340 features vibration notifications for alerting to low O2 levels, O2 saturation levels, and heart rate. Built-in smart vibration nudges the wearer to adjust their sleep posture when the device detects blood oxygen levels or heart rate outside of the threshold range set in the app.

The free professional mobile app and PC reporting software show a graphic sleep report, SpO2 condition trends, heart rate, and movement. The smartphone app includes settings to notify the wearer of low oxygen events. The event recording provides detailed information such as the time the event was detected, the frequency of the event, and body activity data. The PC software exports CSV format reports and includes the exact SpO2 and heart rate values in four-second intervals, providing data suitable for sleep studies.

Package includes: 12 month warranty guarantee, lifetime technical support, top grade customer service with a fast response time under 12h.

From Customers:

I purchased the Wellue O2Ring because I have sleep apnea and wanted something to monitor my oxygen level during bed time. During research, I found the O2 Ring stands out from the rest because of its small size. Also, it vibrates when the oxygen level dips below the configured threshold to wake you up at night so you can adjust your sleep position. This is a nice feature that a cheap oxygen monitor does not have, therefore it justifies the price point.

The ring fits on my index finger or thumb securely and does not get in the way of anything. Unlike the monitors that clip on the tip of your finger, this will not fall off. It's very compact and comfortable to wear. The unit turns on by itself when I wear it and the display shuts off automatically to save battery after a few seconds while it continues monitoring. There is a free app you can download and install on a mobile device (phone or tablet). Syncing with the app is automatic once bluetooth is enabled. I'm very impressed with the data provided by the app, it allows you to view the chart by 10h, 5h, 1h, and 30m. It also maps the O2 score over time. There is also a Windows desktop client the ring can upload data to so you can export the data to email your sleep Dr. I am quite impressed with this product and would recommend to anyone in search of a sleep monitor.

This device really helps monitor and improve your sleep health. It's very easy to wear on a finger and extremely easy to operate. Build quality is excellent. It logs your O2 level, heart rate, and movement during the night. Then in the morning you simply open the Android or Apple app and it will automatically upload the data. It presents very highly detailed O2 statistics. For example, if I hit my 12 year Scotch whiskey too hard, it shows me how destructive alcohol is on my sleep. More frequent deep O2 dips, higher night time heart rate, and much more motion. It will alarm by vibrating (user configurable) if O2 or heart rate gets too low. I showed my cardiologist the device when he asked me about sleep quality as it pertains to blood pressure and heart arrhythmia. He was very impressed. This device is well worth the money.