FL400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Monitor (Blue) - with Case

FL400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Monitor (Blue) - with Case
FL400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Monitor (Blue) - with Case
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FL400 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Blood Oxygen Monitor (Blue)

The Facelake FL400 finger pulse oximeter is a lightweight, portable device used for measuring both heart rate and blood oxygen levels or SpO2. Simply place your finger inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor and have these vital measurements instantly displayed on a vibrant LED screen. Features a battery-saving automatic power off function and a heart rate bar graph. We stand by our products with excellent customer service and a one-year money back guarantee. We frequently sell out of this product. Order now to guarantee availability. NOTE: this product is intended for sports and aviation use only.

Quickly Measure, your Blood's SpO2 Oxygen Saturation Arterial Hemoglobin Levels, Pulse Rate and Pulse Strength in 10 seconds or less displayed on its large digital red LED display.

Designed and Tested to exceed FDA and CE standards for Pulse Oximeters used by Health Care Professionals. Recommended use for all ages from children to adults.

Everything is Included: 2 AAA Batteries, FREE Nylon Carrying Case, Neck Lanyard and our Full One-Year Warranty backed by our Customer Service Support in Chicago USA.

Easily operated with its Single Button Operation and reliable battery life due to its automatic shut off feature.

What's Included in Pacakge

  1. FL400 Unit
  2. Instruction Manual
  3. Free 2 AAA Batteries
  4. Free Nylon Carrying Case
  5. Free Neck Lanyard


  1. 30+ hours of continuous monitoring on one set of batteries
  2. Integrated SpO2 probe and processing display module
  3. SpO2 and Pulse Rate bar graph
  4. Bright LED display
  5. Low battery level indication
  6. Auto power off after 5 seconds
  7. Low power consumption on 2 AAA batteries
  8. Interference resistance against ambient light & measurement performance at low perfusion
  9. Intended use for spot check of blood oxygen saturation level at home, in sport and recreational use, such as mountain climbing, high-altitude activities and running.

cms50dl pulse oximeter blood oxygen monitor fl400
cms50dl pulse oximeter blood oxygen monitor fl400

Product Video

Please note that your doctor or healthcare provider is the best source for your treatment plan. This unit is not intended to replace a doctor's visit and self diagnostics.

This unit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.


If you'd prefer the same model but with a more visually
appealing and readable screen, please see the CMS-50D / FL-350

Extended Specifications

  1. FDA 510(K) Number: K082641
  2. SpO2 - Digital
  3. Range: 0%-99%
  4. Resolution: +/-1%
  5. Accuracy: +/-2% (70-99%)
  6. 35%--70%, unspecified
  7. Pulse Rate - Digital
  8. Range: 30-240 BPM
  9. Resolution: +/-1bpm
  10. Accuracy: +/-2bpm
  11. Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion
  12. Oxyhemoglobin and Pulse value can be shown accurately when pulse-filling rate is 0.5%
  13. Low battery indicator
  14. Battery Type: 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
  15. Operation time: 30 hours for normal operation
  16. Interference Resistance Capacity Against Ambient Light
  17. Deviation is smaller than +/-1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and of that measured in dark room.
  18. Operating Temperature: 5C-40C
  19. Storage Temperature: -40C - 60C
  20. Operating humidity: 15%RH-80%RH
  21. Storage Humidity:10%RH-95%RH
  22. Size: 57*31*34mm
  23. Weight: 1.8oz(50g)
  24. Display: Bright Red LED
  25. Parameter: SpO2, PR, 6-step bargraph
  26. Warranty 1 Year