FL-50B Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth

FL-50B Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth, free APP
FL-50B Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth, free APP
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FL-50B Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth

The Facelake FL-50B finger pulse oximeter is a lightweight, portable device used for measuring both heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SpO2). The users finger is simply placed inside the antimicrobial vinyl sensor to obtain a reading for vital measurements. Results are instantly displayed on the vibrant OLED screen. This device also functions as a pedometer for recording steps and calories. All of the data recorded on this device can be wirelessly transmitted to an iPhone or Android smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The free mobile application was designed for analyzing the data from the FL-50B, providing individuals with body activity information (see app details below). This device also features an automatic shut-down feature and a heart rate bar graph. We stand by our products with excellent customer service and a one-year money back guarantee. We frequently sell out of this product. Order now to guarantee availability. NOTE: this product is intended for sports and aviation use only.

INDIVIDUALLY TESTED FOR ACCURACY: Each device undergoes rigorous testing and is approved for use by the FDA.

QUICK READINGS: Incredibly easy to use. The device is simply turned on, and the users finger is placed in the padded finger chamber for an instant reading.

OUT-OF-BOX READY: Includes two free AAA batteries, convenient carrying case, lanyard, and an illustrated instruction manual.

ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: We stand behind our products with excellent customer service and an industry leading two-year guarantee.

Includes: Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, carrying case, neck/wrist cord, user manual, 2-AAA batteries, plus our no-hassle 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee and our One-Year 100% Full Manufacturer's Warranty that is managed by our friendly customer service care center in the US.

What's Included in Package

  1. FL-50B Fingertip Pulse Oximeter & Pedometer
  2. Owner's Manual
  3. 2 AAA Batteries
  4. Neck Lanyard
  5. Hard Carrying Case with Pant Clip
  6. Detailed FL-50B Packaging

Main Features

  • Display of SpO2 value
  • Display of pulse rate value and bar graph
  • Display of step number, calories and time
  • Low-battery indication
  • Data storage function of SpO2 and pulse rate value
  • The data stored can be wireless uploaded to mobile terminal
  • Sync time function
  • Pedometer Data Storage
  • Auto Rotation Display
  • Personal Statistics such as height, weight and target calorie can be set
  • Extra low-power consumption setting
  • Auto data storage
  • Auto data upload

FL-50B Fingertip Pulse Oximeter & Pedometer Detail Video

PHMS Contec Medical Systems - iPhone & Android Application

This application is used for a variety of medical testing equipments of our company.

It can be used to receive data by Bluetooth and upload the data to servers,and view health records,trend charts,health suggestion and so on.

Now the application supports the following devices:

  1. Oximeter
  2. NIBP
  3. Spirometer
  4. Glucose meter
  5. Scales
  6. Urine analyzer
  7. Portable ECG
  8. Thermometer

This application can be associated with Apple HealthKit,the measurement results will be synchronized to Apple HealthKit(iPads do not support). Open Apple's HealthKit --> Sources --> PHMS,to set items which you allow "PHMS" to write data.

Click here for iTunes application store link

Click here for Google Play application store link

FL500, CMS50K

PHMS Contec Medical Systems Application Screenshots

FL500, CMS50K

Extended Specifications

SpO2: Digital
Range: 0% - 100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 2bpm or 2% (70-100%) Unspecified: <69%
Battery Type: AAA Alkaline batteries
Operation Time: 30 hours for normal operation
Operating Temperature: 10C - 40C
Operating Humidity: Less than or equal to 75%
Operating Atmospheric Pressure: 70kPa - 106kPa
Storage Temperature: -40C - 60C
Storage Humidity: 0% - 95%
Storage Atmospheric Pressure: 50kPa - 106kPa
Size: 131mm(L) X 92.5mm(W) X 62mm(H)
Weight: 60g
Display Type: Color OLED with Auto Rotation
Parameter: SpO2, PR, 6-step bargraph
Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty