FT50 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

FT50 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
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FT50 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

The FT50 Non-Contact Thermometer measures body and object temperatures from a distance for touchless readings. The thermometer’s infrared sensor reads body temperature for infants, children, or adults and displays results on the sharp LCD in under one second. This handheld thermometer also scans surface temperatures of objects, rooms, food, and other household items.

The FT50 begins the measurement test with a single press of the thermometer’s primary button. Additional buttons located on the side of the device manage forehead/object mode selection, setting adjustment, and other device operations. Accuracy ranges for the FT-50 thermometer are within 0.1℃/°F. The FT50 automatically saves measurement history in built-in storage on the device for up to 30 measurements. Power-saving features include automatic power-off, low power consumption control, and a low power reminder.

Measure temperature readings in three easy steps:

1. Select either the Object or Body Mode preset.
2. Position the sensor within 1.5in of the object being measured.
3. Press and release the trigger to receive a reading. Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (°F) modes are available to select for measurements of body and object temperatures.


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Delivers accurate temperature measurements
  • Results can be obtained instantly
  • Bright LCD backlit display
  • Non-contact infrared technology prevents cross-infection and accurate temperature measurement

Performance Parameters:

Temperature Unit: Celsius (℃)/ Fahrenheit (°F)
Body Temp Range: 32℃ ~ 43℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Response Time: <1.0s
Max. Allowable Error:
Within the range of 35-42℃,the maximum allowable error is ±0.2℃
Within the range of 35.0℃ and more than 42.0℃ , the maximum allowable error is ±0.3℃
Max Allowed Clinical Repeatability: <±0.3℃
Measuring Distance: ~3cm
Data Memory: 30 Measurements
Power Management: Intelligent shutdown, ultra low power consumption control, power display, low power reminder

Normal Storage and Working Conditions:

Operation Temp: 16℃ ~ 35℃
Storage Temp: -20℃ ~ 55℃
Relative Humidity: <=85% Working, <=95% storage
Power Supply: DC3V, (2x AAA Batteries)
Duration of Use: 
5 year
Body weight: <~130g
Measuring Distance: ~3cm


FT50 must be used under the proper conditions outlined in the owner's manual. Please review it carefully.
1. Don't remove the Infrared thermometer from the measurement area until the beep sound occurs.
2. Do not immerse the device in liquid.
3. Do not use the device if any signs of damage on the temperature probe or cable are found.
4. If the device is dirty, wipe it with an at least 75% rubbing alcohol cotton ball then dry
5. Do not wipe the device with volatile oil, diluent or gasoline, etc.
6. Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature, humid or musty places.
7. Do not store near chemicals or corrosive gases.

Package Includes:

  • FL-50 X 1
  • Owner's Manual X 1
  • Batteries X 2
  • Safety type: Internal Power Supply BF type application part
  • Protection against liquid ingress: IPX0
  • Safety classification: The device can not be used in the presence of a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas with air or oxygen and nitrous oxide