Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Touch Screen, PM-60A, Pulse Monitor

Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Touch Screen, PM-60A, Pulse Monitor
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Handheld Pulse Oximeter, Handheld Oxygen Meter, PM-60A, PM60A

FDA 510K Approved
Free Advanced Analysis Software
Warranty: 1 year


  • Routine Check Mode
  • Continuous Monitoring Mode
  • Data Graph and Trend Table Review
  • Rich Analysis Report
  • Perfect Mount Solution
  • Convenient operation by touch screen
  • Large SD card memory for more than 10,000 patient cases storage
  • Advanced analysis software for sleep study (Free with the oximeter)
  • Sync with PC based Software (Win 10, Win 7, Win XP, and Win Vista)

Extended Specifications

Alarm: Adjustable High and Low limits. Three level audible and visual alarm
Display: 3.5" Color TFT
Display Resolution: 320x240
Display Modes: Standard face, Waveform face, Display Direction adjustable
Indicator: Power indicator light, Alarm sound, Pulse tone
Interface: One dual-purpose socket for connecting SPO2 sensors and communication cables
Power Supply: DC 5V, <200MA
Battery: Built-in Li-Polymer, 2 hours for charging, 8 hours for continuous working
Trend Graph: Resolution from 1s, 5s, 10s. Maximum time 96 hours
Trend Table: Resolution from 1s, 5s, 10s. Review up to 2000 items
Safety Classification: Meets the requirement of IEC60601 series
Type of Protection: Class II with internal electric power supply
Degree of Protection: BF
Dimensions: 92(W)x82(H)x22(D)mm
Weight: 136g (with battery)
Operation Temperature: 0C - }40C
Operation Humidity: 15% - 95%
Storage Temperature: -20C - }60C
Storage Humidity: 15% - 95%
Patient Range: Neonatal, Pediatric, Adult
SpO2 Range: 0% - 100%
SpO2 Resolution: 1%
SpO2 Accuracy: (})2% (70% - 100%, Adult/Pediatric) (})3% (70% -100%, Neonate) 0% - 69% unspecified
SpO2 Alarm Range: 0% - 100%
SpO2 Refreshing Rate: 1s
Pulse Rate Range: 25bpm - 150bpm
Pulse Rate Resolution: 1bpm
Pulse Rate Accuracy: }2bpm
Pulse Rate Alarm Range: 25bpm - 250bpm
Pulse Rate Refreshing Rate: 1s

PM-60A example

Software screenshot

SpO2 Report 1 SpO2 Report 2

SPO2 Report --Full Study Report (71.7 KB)
SPO2 Report --Oximetry Report (60.5 KB)
SPO2 Report --Strip Chart Report (45.7 KB)
SPO2 Report --Summary Report (59.1 KB)

PM60A Software Download (5.2 MB)