Edan VE-H100B Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

 Edan VE-H100B Veterinary Pulse Oximeter
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The VE-H100B Veterinary Pulse Oximeter is a handheld measurement tool for veterinary use. The VE-H100B displays precise measurements for spot-checking or continuous monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. A trend graph and table update with recent test results for reviewing the data.

Custom alarm thresholds are configurable within the oximeter’s menu settings. The alarms activate a visual or auditory alert when blood oxygen saturation or pulse rate tests fall outside the user’s upper/lower SpO2 or pulse rate limit range. A pulse rate tone also indicates the current pulse rate detected by the monitor.

Activity recordings are saved directly on the device’s built-in storage. All monitoring data is also transferable to a PC for storing, managing, reviewing, and printing the data. The device connects to a PC using a USB interface cable.


  • LCD display
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) display
  • Backlight switch and automatic power-off function for power saving
  • SpO2 and pulse rate measurement
  • Display number and waveform of SpO2 simultaneously
  • Long battery life - up to 48 hours on 4 “AA” or Ni-H rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful data storage capacity
  • Data can be transferred to PC for storage, review, and printing
  • The latest 10 minutes trend graph and table of SpO2 and Pulse Rate review on the screen
  • Compatible with Nellcor VETSAT veterinary sensor
  • Audible and visible alarm capability
  • Pitch Tone